How does the radio work?

A walkie -talkie is a radio transmitting and receiving device transmitting voice information and analog data in the short -wave range. Although its function was largely taken by mobile phones, it turned out that the walkie-talkies are still willing to buy. Thanks to them, people who choose, for example, survival, do not depend on operators and mobile networks. How does the walkie -talkie work? For effective operation of the walkie -talkie, a transmitter, radio receiver, transmitting and receiving antennas, as well as a power source, are needed.
The principle of operation of the device in question is not complicated. Two radio stations separated from each other have two types of antennas; Reception and transmitting, between which the so -called radio track tract is created. The transmitter is responsible for creating a load -bearing wave, which transmits certain information. Then it is appropriately modulated. There are several types of modulation: amplitude, impulse, frequency and phase. A similar process occurs in the radio transmitter, and in the receiver there is information, that is, demodulation. It is also worth noting that these devices operate in the wavelength range from 3 to 30 MHz. Their range, however, depends on several factors, such as the power of the transmitter, the sensitivity of the receiver, the number of possible interference, the type of antenna, the operating frequency range and the ability to spread radio waves in space. Small -sized devices, portable and with a transmitter power up to 5W, have an open air radius of up to 3 km. Larrier, transferred on the back, have a radius of action up to 15 km.
Although, it would seem, in the era of mobile phones, smartphones and walkie -talkie tablets disappeared from the market, the demand for them is not reduced. They are used mainly by military, firefighters and police officers. The radio operates regardless of mobile operators. Therefore, we can be sure that it will work even in the absence of coating. In addition, they are used during survival camps, team games and paintball. You must remember the correct handling of them, since they are devices sensitive to shock, moisture and extreme temperatures. Fizzslots